Value to IT

Get ready to think differently.

Improve data accuracy, reduce costs and ease the demands on your IT team while extending the lives of existing systems and accelerating success of new enterprise deployments.

Built for manufacturers, the Symphony Industrial AI® Platform is the first highly scalable intelligent operations management platform that connects the unconnected and automates and orchestrates processes, machines and people to drive optimal performance.

  • Improve data accuracy and availability of information — Eliminate incompatibility issues of connecting disparate systems, equipment and devices across your organization. Connect to any enterprise and control system to achieve true interoperability.
  • Reduce IT costs and the demand on your development team — The move to digital manufacturing typically requires custom development of point-to-point solutions that are costly to build, deploy and support. Symphony Industrial AI’s intuitive point-and-click platform allows operations personnel to easily develop and maintain smart manufacturing solutions with little coding and minimal demand on IT resources.
  • Extend the lives of existing systems — Integrating your ecosystem allows real-time updates on production activity to ERP, automates manual processes and affords even greater value from existing systems. The Platform extends the lives of current assets and reduces maintenance costs and capital spend.
  • Easily adapts to your processes, unique needs and future changes work orchestration platform easily adapts to unique manufacturing processes and local plant requirements; typically costly to address and support. Use the Platform to quickly and cost effectively sunset aging code and automate manual work-arounds and spreadsheets.
  • Accelerate the success of new enterprise system implementations — Compress ERP and MES implementation schedules by utilizing the Symphony Industrial AI Platform for specialized and local plant needs without expensive customizations to enterprise systems.
  • Ease of system integration — Utilize the Platform to quickly integrate acquired disparate business, manufacturing and supply chain systems into your enterprise.
  • Provide users with powerful and intelligent tools — Advanced stream processing and historian collect, analyze, process and store multi-variable time series information as it occurs. Contextualization tools give engineers, data scientists, AI and machine learning systems powerful tools and rich data to drive innovation and continuous improvement. All in a single, simple platform.

By applying a completely fresh approach to connectivity, process execution and data intelligence, Symphony Industrial AI is winning over Fortune 500 technology leaders seeking to modernize systems and pursue digital transformation. Symphony Industrial AI provides powerful and cost-effective solutions in support of IT’s goals.

  • Leverages cloud and edge technologies to maximize performance and computing speed
  • Enforces global standards and business rules
  • Collects multi-dimensional data and delivers contextualized information, in near-real time to any enterprise or operations system
  • Uses role-based permissions and adheres to all IT security protocols
  • Enables machine learning and AI

Proven scalability

Deployed by large and demanding customers across several segments, the Platform scales from single work cells to large multi-plant environments.

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