Return on investment

Manufacturing can be a messy business.

Conditions are constantly changing, incoming materials have quality issues or are delivered late, equipment breaks down, employees make mistakes and customers are unpredictable. Solving manufacturing problems with powerful, yet, easy-to-use technology and your best practices is at the core of Symphony Industrial AI’s unique and disruptive approach.

Some of the world’s largest batch, process and discrete manufacturers are using the Symphony Industrial AI® Platform to achieve their optimization goals:

  • Automate repetitive tasks to improve productivity
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Trigger predictive maintenance
  • Improve quality and reliability
  • Optimize capacity and throughput
  • Ensure safety and sustainability
  • Enable advanced learning and analytics
  • Automate ERP and supply chain integration
  • Reduce IT costs and accelerate the implementation of new enterprise systems

Symphony Industrial AI can be operational in a matter of weeks, at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems, and quickly drive performance improvements and savings.

Symphony Industrial AI proves to manufacturers of all sizes, including the Fortune 500, that the gains of Industry 4.0, big data and IIoT are quickly, cost-effectively and reliably within reach.

Customers are realizing significant ROI from the Symphony Industrial AI Platform in the first year of deployment including:

  • Yield improvement: 7-30%
  • Labor productivity increase: 10-30%
  • Inventory lead time: 26-39%
  • Throughput increase: 10-44%
  • Decrease of manual data collection: 75-90%
  • Data accuracy improvement: 80-95%

How do they do it?

  • Complete connectivity ensures that your enterprise and control systems deliver and receive accurate and timely data to inform, direct and monitor production
  • Automated work takes the guess-work out of repetitive, manual tasks. Symphony Industrial AI automation:
    • Ensures adherence to SOPs
    • Triggers corrective action plans or procedures
    • Forces line stoppage or controlled shutdown when required
    • Can self-correct many issues without human intervention
  • Directed work sequences every event, action and operator action of production. The Symphony Industrial AI Platform can notify, instruct and escalate to authorized personnel on many types of devices. Where to be, what to do … Symphony Industrial AI saves time and stress by answering what’s next?
  • Anomalies and faults are automatically detected and predicted by the Platform. Symphony Industrial AI immediately alerts the appropriate operators and supervisors, and triggers corrective action plans. Armed with contextualized data, better decisions are made faster; keeping downtime to a minimum.

Discover what you don’t know

Using your data, the Platform enables you to challenge previously known or erroneously-held truths about production … learnings that lead to process improvement. Equally important, customers report significantly higher confidence in the accuracy of the data collected and distributed in the Symphony Industrial AI Platform.

Symphony Industrial AI is transforming manufacturing technology from the shop floor up and driving significant ROI! Contact us to learn more.