Empowering operations

Quicker response time … increased standardization and predictability … continually driving innovation to optimize production: This is how the flexible and intuitive Symphony Industrial AI® Platform helps manufacturers reach their digitalization goals.

Symphony Industrial AI is a disruptive technology that empowers operations to quickly create Smart Manufacturing solutions that deliver immediate results.

Operations and plant personnel bring their vast knowledge and experience to work every day … they know where the bottlenecks occur, what impacts yield and the most effective responses to production problems. Symphony Industrial AI provides the tools and information that drives continuous improvement and captures the know-how that leads to better, faster, smoother production. The Platform enables operations to find and replicate the ‘golden batches’ throughout every production cycle; no matter the operator, shift, line or plant.

Armed with the Symphony Industrial AI Platform, operations professionals now have the power to impact production like never before.

Built for those closest to execution

In the hands of your engineers, process specialists and quality experts, the industry’s most robust work automation engine brings to life Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma process flows that drive execution improvement.

  • The Platform flexibly adapts your best-practices to the nuances of your business
  • Intuitive user interface speeds model development, workflow creation and deployment
  • Logic-enabled orchestration tool that automates and directs work while enforcing procedural control
  • Adaptable framework that allows dynamic changes in SOPs and process flows
  • Visual coding for non-programmers

From any work station or hand-held device, plant managers, shift leads, maintenance personnel and operators on the shop floor can access and share actionable information.

For example, the shift lead could turn on his tablet and see:

  • That the shift’s work orders and production schedules need alignment
  • Line 7 went offline at 06:35. Maintenance incident #19482A
  • Scheduled maintenance on line 3 from 07:00-15:30

A machine operator might view:

  • Work instructions
  • Alerts or other notifications and steps to correct
  • When to escalate an emergent problem

Knowledge is power

Because the Symphony Industrial AI Platform connects all your data sources, real-time visibility is now real. Transforming data … the who, what, when and where, gives your operators, engineers and managers the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

Capturing your experts’ knowledge

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that more than a quarter of manufacturing workers are over age 55. The challenge in the coming years is to capture their significant operational and technical knowledge before they retire.

Whether from the supply chain or engineering, the shop floor or the warehouse … the Symphony Industrial AI Platform captures operational experience and institutionalizes it through directed and automated work instructions, aids, electronic standard operating procedures and employee training.

Control from the shop floor up

The Symphony Industrial AI Platform provides critical information to operations personnel and immediately alerts them to take action before errors occur, equipment fails, waste is produced, or delivery dates are missed. Symphony Industrial AI enables the operational curiosity that leads to innovation and breakthroughs in optimization.

Enforcement of standards

The Platform empowers operations experts to optimize production and the supply chain. At the same time the Platform enforces IT standards and business rules, and also reduces the need for Ops to call IT for every process- or data-related need. This low-code, configurable solution, managed at the point of execution, significantly improves response time to emergent issues. To learn more, visit Symphony Industrial AI’s Value to IT.