Value delivered

Simple and powerful, flexible and scalable.

The value that Savigent® delivers to manufacturers is measured in time, cost and opportunity.

  • Solving old problems with new thinking
    Increases in productivity, yield, quality and data accuracy. Reductions in errors, scrap, downtime.
  • Your operations experts are in operations
    The Savigent Platform enables operations personnel and engineers, those most familiar with your processes, to easily configure and adopt the new ideas that drive results.
  • It can’t be smart if it’s not connected
    Your data is key in automating, orchestrating, predicting, tracking and historizing. It’s the backbone of efficiency and collaboration. Savigent captures the data that matters. Every day, Savigent customers use more than 10,000 connections to interact with 11 billion data points.
  • Scale your best work
    Your best practices are used to create the workflows that drive execution. They’re standardized, repeated and scaled across your factories and supply chain. Localization, no problem … the Platform quickly and easily adapts to those unique and specialized needs.

See the value Savigent can bring to your operation.

Gartner report

Future of Applications: Delivering the Composable Enterprise

“As business needs change, organizations must be able to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically – reassembling capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise. To do this, organizations must understand and implement the “composable enterprise.””