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The Corona effect on manufacturing

The world is changing rapidly. Disruption to U.S. and global economies due to the COVID-19 crisis is more apparent with each passing day. Travel restrictions, plant closures, supply interruptions and global trade constraints are taking a toll on manufacturers like never before. We are all just beginning to understand the impact and doing what we can to weather the storm.

Manufacturers that were already on the journey to Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing before COVID-19 are now finding themselves better equipped to respond to threats and capitalize on opportunities. Their workforces, operations, systems and supply networks are more resilient, automated and adaptable to rapid change.

For example, a global manufacturer that was pursuing digitization was able to rapidly pivot to ramp up production of PPE (personal protective equipment). In partnership with another global manufacturer, they were able to immediately stand up a new production site to meet demand for critical life-saving products. This rapid response was enabled by digitized standard operating procedures (SOPs), highly flexible workflow-based systems and IIoT connectivity, enabled by Symphony Industrial AI’s next generation manufacturing operations solution.

Even though eventually the COVID-19 crisis will pass, the world of manufacturing will never be the same. Global supply networks will likely be redrawn, manufacturing operations will be relocated and suppliers will be upended. The need for speed and flexibility will be more critical than ever. Pressures to reduce production costs, improve quality and increase sustainability will continue to intensify.

In response, manufacturers have vast opportunities to utilize digital technologies and Smart Manufacturing techniques to standardize global processes, scale improvements, simplify systems, increase workforce resiliency, harmonize plants, orchestrate work and seamlessly connect to their ecosystem. The Symphony Industrial AI team is proud to help manufacturers adapt and excel in these extraordinary times.

With the additional time and space COVID-19 has afforded some of us, we can use this moment of profound change as an opportunity to strategize a future where next generation technologies increase competitiveness in the global marketplace. And together, We shall prevail.

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