Plant & Asset Performance

Condition Monitoring

Get prioritized actionable insights with the most advanced automated diagnostic engine on the market. Seamlessly screen thousands of machine tests through an in-depth library of derived fault conditions to understand the health of your assets, the corrective actions required, and the overall risk to production. 


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a standard for measuring an asset’s level of productivity. OEE allows plant managers to accurately identify losses and improve the productivity of manufacturing equipment (i.e., eliminating waste). Symphony Industrial AI can show:

  • Asset performance and availability
  • Quality monitoring

Customer realized they were only achieving 50% utilization rather than the 90% they had accepted as peak performance

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When assessing OEE, most customers focus on absolute measures of uptime—equipment is either available or unavailable—and ignore nuanced findings, such as minor stoppages that don’t result in a complete shutdown. These binary reports don’t provide engineers with a detailed fact base for factors contributing to production issues, making it difficult to craft improvement strategies.


Symphony Industrial AI connects the systems, tools, and historian to automatically collect, store, monitor and track the end-to-end manufacturing process. The system monitors asset performance and availability and the nuanced metrics that drive OEE.


Symphony Industrial AI Historian provide the insights needed to help reduce downtime, displaying categorized events and highlighting production bottlenecks. One customer discovered that upon closer examination, they were only achieving 50% utilization, rather than the 90% they had accepted as peak performance.

Wireless Vibration Monitoring

Wireless vibration monitoring extends machine health and peak performance. Watchman Air allows you to monitor your machines 24x7 with hourly summaries and daily diagnostic analysis. With sophisticated AI and the world's largest machine condition database, accurate baselines and component definitions are easy to establish.

Asset Performance Monitoring

APM 360™ is focused on optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks. Outcomes include increased asset availability by as much as 5%, reduced reactive maintenance by 10-40% and up to 10% in inventory cost reduction. APM 360™ leverages machine-learning based on artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and take into account complex, dynamic behavioral machinery patterns and contextual data relating to the manufacturing process at large.

Predictive Maintenance

Track equipment performance trends over time to predict downtime and uncover rich, contextual insights and avoid outages. Symphony Industrial AI helps through:

  • Fault detection alerting
  • Asset performance monitoring
  • Monitor events – process drift
  • Capture – respond to events
  • Maintenance systems and mechanics notification

Reduce the costs of unscheduled downtime and extend the life of key assets

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New and retrofitted machines have sensors which, if connected, aren’t centralized for comprehensive performance monitoring. By tracking these data points over time, managers can predict downtime and avoid outages.


By connecting machines and plants to a central dashboard, customers can centrally monitor sensor data such as vibration and temperature over time and maintain equipment before a line goes down.


The benefits of Predictive Maintenance are wide ranging; customers not only avoid the costs of unscheduled downtime, but the costs to maintain and repair equipment goes down and the life of key assets gets extended.