Your journey to rapid performance improvement begins here.

Putting you on the fast-track to realizing the benefits of digitalization and Smart Manufacturing is job #1 for the Savigent® Services teams. We will expertly assist your engineers, operations personnel and integration partners to competently design, configure, deploy, scale and support high value solutions.

Getting started

We’ll work side-by-side with your teams to understand the current state, identify high value opportunities, develop strategies and an improvement roadmap to quickly:

  • Implement a high value solution in a matter of weeks
  • Utilize the power of the Savigent Platform to drive value
  • Train your team to use the Platform in support of your digital transformation objectives
  • Create use cases that can be rapidly replicated across other lines and plants

Solution design/Proof of concept phase

In six to 12 weeks, we will develop and implement a production-ready solution on the Platform that maps your processes, connects machines, devices and systems, configures automation and delivers measurable results.

Technical development team

The Platform is highly configurable and comes with standard connectors and preconfigured solutions as part of Savigent’s artifact library. If your environment requires tailored connectors and other unique artifacts, you may request on-demand technical services to develop and test connectors, workflows, user interfaces and executables. The Technical Development team enables your engineers and operations personnel to move rapidly with the deployment of smart manufacturing solutions, while minimizing the demand on scarce internal-IT resources.

Training and certification

Savigent offers classroom training and certification programs hosted by our industry deployment experts. You may also choose a customized curriculum and access on-demand computer-based training.

Enterprise deployment

To support and accelerate your enterprise deployment of smart manufacturing solutions, we offer on-demand project or program support with dedicated resources. Specialized areas of assistance include:

  • Governance and change management — Our senior advisors help establish governance, organization and leadership processes to coordinate multi-site deployments and global standards.
  • IT infrastructure and security — Assist with technical architecture design, development, security protocols and technical support.

Smart Manufacturing enterprise deployment

Our approach to solving critical problems, creating high impact solutions, deploying enterprise wide and driving continuous innovation is shown here.

Gartner report

Innovation Insight for the Supply Chain Technology Heat Map

“Through 2024, 50% of supply chain organizations will invest in applications that support artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities.” Read Gartner’s report to find out more.        

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