Your journey to rapid performance improvement begins here.

The Symphony Industrial AI Services team has deep experience in digital manufacturing and systems engineering, enabling us to assist your engineers, operations personnel, and integration partners to completely design, configure, deploy, scale and support high-value solutions.


Discovery and launch

We’ll work side-by-side with your teams to understand the current state, identify high value opportunities, develop strategies and an improvement roadmap to quickly set you on the path to success.


Solution design and implementation

In six to 12 weeks, we will develop and implement a production-ready solution on the Platform that maps your processes, connects machines, devices and systems, configures automation and delivers measurable results.


Managed services

Symphony Industrial AI’s managed services can help support and accelerate your smart manufacturing projects, whether you need a lot of help or just certain phases of your deployment, we will help you develop, scale, and support your digital manufacturing solution.


Implementation consulting:

-Strategic advisement



-Library management

Our Services team enables your engineers and operations personnel to move rapidly with the deployment of smart manufacturing solutions, while minimizing the demand on scarce internal IT resources.

Smart manufacturing enterprise development

Our approach to solving critical problems, creating high impact solutions, deploying enterprise wide and driving continuous innovation is shown here.

Decades of industry experience. Rapid time to value.

Digital Intelligence – Seagate Success Story

Standardize and transform global manufacturing operations

Optimizing brownfield plant with Smart Manufacturing

Training and certification

“Symphony Industrial AI University provides a path to certification and competency development that scales!”

Digital Manufacturing Leader

Symphony Industrial AI offers classroom training and certification programs hosted by our industry deployment experts. You may also choose a customized curriculum and access on-demand computer-based training.

Discover and launch

Need more guidance to get your Symphony Industrial AI Platform up and running? Symphony Industrial AI University has modules to walk you through installation, configuration, setting up workflows, and more.

Knowledge base

Symphony Industrial AI’s growing knowledge base articles come from real world applications and include an overview, steps, and screenshots that show you how to manage the Symphony Industrial AI Platform.


Symphony Industrial AI University Certification ensures you have the necessary skills to implement the Symphony Industrial AI Platform successfully.

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