Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing

Now is the time to accelerate

Agility and speed to market are critical to meet the challenges of semiconductor manufacturing. Semiconductor manufacturers must manage an evolving set of challenges like short product life cycles, asset utilization and equipment effectiveness, as well as managing expensive inventory and complex supply chains. Symphony Industrial AI helps semiconductor and electronics manufacturers tackle these challenges and fully integrate the multi-tiered ecosystem of modern device manufacturing.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Transformed

  • Accelerate innovation – Enabling semiconductor manufacturers to excel in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable global marketplace.
  • Improve quality & reduce cost through condition-based monitoring and alerting that catches drift before quality problems occur.
  • Implement in months and continue to improve – Quickly adapt to market changes and customer demand — faster rollout means lower costs, higher quality, faster delivery, and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • ROI – Generate higher returns on capital assets, both old and new.

What Makes Symphony Industrial AI Different?

It Can’t Be Smart If It’s Not Connected – provides real time connectivity to all systems, equipment and people, including the supply chain. Symphony Industrial AI encapsulates all disparate data producers, filling the white space of execution across the ecosystem. And, Symphony Industrial AI delivers a library of a reusable connection, component and services framework.
Write Once and Repeat – Symphony Industrial AI work orchestration automates work and accelerates improvement in real-time. Symphony Industrial AI orchestration automates routine tasks, directs work, institutionalizes knowledge, serves as process system of record and synchronizing capabilities across global factories, to drive consistency and predictability.
Your Machines Are Talking. Are you Listening? Detect trends and respond to production events in real-time. Predict and diagnose potential issues through SPC and condition-based monitoring. Continuously analyze to identify, diagnose and resolve issues that can cause disruption
Flight Controls for Manufacturing – Symphony Industrial AI captures and contextualizes data in real-time and provides visibility and traceability of processes and actions. Rich contextualized data provides actionable information for continuous improvement and comparative analysis of performance resulting in improved operating performance and speed of decision making.
Our Clients Benefit from Our Expertise – You Should Too. Symphony Industrial AI’s experience enables manufacturers to rapidly develop and scale Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing solutionsSupported by Symphony Industrial AI advisory, training and implementation services to help customers develop internal OT and IT capabilities and become self-reliant in implementing and scaling cost effective next-generation manufacturing operations solutions 

By enabling us to harness emerging technologies and run integrated processes across every part of our business, Symphony Industrial AI is helping us compete in the digital age.

VP Operations from a Fortune 500 Semiconductor Manufacturer

Case Study

Increase uptime 25% - automating out-of-control action plans.

The challenge
A high-value electronics manufacturer was experiencing significant downtime driven by out-of-control process (OCAP) alerts. When an alert was triggered, production was halted, and the operator and engineer researched and addressed the issue before production resumed. This was resulting in unplanned line stops that negatively impacted production rates, yield, productivity and engineering resources.

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