Work orchestration

Savigent’s unique approach … embedding intelligence into the automation and orchestration of your work.

Savigent® incorporates three critical components not found in common workflow tools:

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  • Business and manufacturing systems data integration
  • Manufacturing process execution
  • Manufacturing intelligence

These are the building blocks to realize the gains of a digital factory.

Incorporating event-driven process flows and intelligent data flows in a single dynamic workflow engine is a game-changer.

In the hands of your process experts, the industry’s most robust workflow automates, orchestrates and manages work, while providing deeper insights to mitigate known problems and discover new opportunities.

Intuitive interface, flexible changes

Non-programmers, including engineers and other operations professionals, can quickly build workflows with reusable models and drag-and-drop technology and rapidly scale solutions across lines, plants or the enterprise.


As simple as copy and paste, your repeatable process- and data-flows are shared in your library of standard work and scalable across all manufacturing facilities. Additionally, the Platform allows users to quickly adapt standard solutions to meet plant-specific and localized requirements.

Automate anything

Human actions, systems, machines and tools are standardized and automated in the Platform. The repetitive events and user actions defined in the workflow are key to improving quality, avoiding errors and scaling across multiple plants. Automate …

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Out-of-control action plans (OCAPs)
  • Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Machine lockouts, auto line stops
  • Operator notification escalation when response-time exceeds parameters
  • Energy and water consumption

… and thousands of other processes.

Orchestrate everything

The Platform orchestrates manual and automated processes while directing data flows from end-to-end. The results:

  • Better communication and collaboration in both digital and physical environments
  • Increased confidence in data
  • 100% procedural control meets your compliance standards
  • Measurable performance and quality improvements
  • Self-documented processes that are easy to understand, train and use

Data collection

Because your systems, equipment, people and tools are integrated in the Platform, Savigent captures and historizes the data that:

  • Controls execution
  • Alerts to unexpected events or process drift
  • Is aggregated, correlated and presented as context-aware information
  • Provides insights for continuous improvement
  • Supports machine learning and analytics

Embedded intelligence

Business rules are built directly into the workflow to enable traceability, governance and compliance. Delivering near-real-time contextualized data accelerates response time to emergent events and provides visibility to define and keep you on your manufacturing ‘happy path.’

Execute your process

Whether your production is discrete, process, repetitive or Job Shop, Savigent workflows are based on your unique processes. Unlike large, monolithic platforms or enterprise systems, the lightweight yet powerful Savigent Platform adapts to your environment … not the other way around.

Model and test your smart factory

Like a digital twin, Savigent evaluators automate the task of exercising and testing process- and data- flows in a simulated environment, supporting continuous improvement analysis. Evaluators allow you to simulate and test new process ideas under various conditions using mock data when actual data is not available or when testing in a live environment is risky or undesirable.

Savigent’s model designer creates a working model of your manufacturing environment to build and optimize workflows and quickly create production systems. Point-and-click technology allows users to design models that link process steps, events, user actions and data sources that provide a picture of process flows through a production line, facility or an extended supply chain. The designer automatically tests and verifies that models and interfaces will execute effectively under various production scenarios.

The Savigent Platform empowers operations like no other manufacturing technology.

Intuitive, intelligent and integrated workflows form the centerpiece of best-practice continuous improvement efforts.

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