Artifact library

The master source for prebuilt and proprietary artifacts.

This repository is stocked with prebuilt connectors, solutions, queries and reports that your teams and integration partners can use to rapidly configure Smart Manufacturing solutions. These artifacts provide a higher starting point for solution development. Start with the artifacts that come standard with the Platform — then add your unique processes, know-how and SOPs into your secure, private library. Next step, replicate ‘best practice’ across your plants, enterprise and supply chain.

Your artifacts may be stored:

In the cloud

  • Private space — A private and secured domain accessible only to company-authorized users.
  • Public space — A space to share reusable artifacts with customers, suppliers and integration partners, accessible to the users in the ecosystem.


  • For reasons including security, usability or speed, reusable artifacts may be stored and run on your local server.

Our customers connect to more than 10,000 unique assets supported in the Platform’s artifact library.

Standard, repeatable and scalable … artifacts ranging from shop floor and ERP connectors to database queries and safety procedures. Savigent’s comprehensive artifact library is one reason customers realize extraordinary speed-to-value.

Here are some examples of artifacts available.

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