No ordinary historian

Unlike traditional databases, the Savigent® historian does much more than collect and distribute data. Production can be truly optimized by presenting time-sensitive manufacturing intelligence to users at the plant, throughout the enterprise and across the supply chain.

Intelligence embedded in the Savigent Platform historian captures and stores:

  • Time-series process data
  • Tool alarms and other system events
  • Variable collection interval sensor data
  • IIoT device data
  • Transactional data from MES, ERP and other enterprise systems

Volumes of system, equipment, IIoT and human-generated data is in real-time, aggregated, correlated or otherwise contextualized in a meaningful way.

Seamless integration with enterprise historian and cloud systems

Many of our customers have data lakes and some utilize enterprise historian systems. Savigent is designed to work in harmony with these systems to process and feed execution and process data, and to maximize the effectiveness of your existing systems.

What is contextualization?

Contextualization makes data more valuable by helping users and systems understand the relationship between otherwise separate data streams. What was happening when the data was collected? Where and when did it happen? What was not happening?

Manufacturing intelligence integrated in the Platform transforms the variable data used to predict anomalies, determine best practice and historize critical information.

  • Data distribution is automated or easily queried in the Platform
  • Deliverable to any device, data warehouse or analytics system for historical review and future planning
  • Data is available in real time or stored for later examination
  • Ensures traceability of activities between systems, people, equipment and tools inside the plant and across the supply chain
  • Customer cloud libraries facilitate global analytics/reporting
  • Database queries may be replicated and repurposed
  • Highly scalable across all plants in your ecosystem

Deep data analysis

The information model explorer (IME), is an advanced query tool used to process, correlate and summarize data from the Platform’s historian database. Based on IMSQL, users can drill down to reach granular information in real-time, or summarize information over a period of days, weeks or months. IME queries may be automated and shared across the enterprise through a web service.

Whether the data source is your ERP system or a tool on the shop floor, generated during work orchestration or stream processing fault detection — with Savigent, you can unlock the value of your data by generating real-time, rich and actionable manufacturing intelligence.

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