Connecting the unconnected

Chances are, your operation faces connectivity gaps created by:

  • The proliferation of technology, including proprietary enterprise and shop floor systems
  • The hangover from acquisitions and unintegrated systems
  • Troves of untapped data generated by disparate systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Paper-based communication and documentation

Savigent® bridges these gaps by connecting your entire operation, enterprise and supply chain.

"You can’t improve what you can’t measure. You can’t measure what you can’t see."

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

It can’t be smart if it’s not connected

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Your data is key in automating, orchestrating, predicting, tracking and historizing. Savigent bridges these gaps by connecting your entire operation, enterprise and supply chain. It’s the backbone of efficiency and collaboration, capturing the data that matters and presenting it in a form that’s meaningful.

Savigent is connected to more than 10,000 asset types that customers use to interact with more than 11 billion data points daily.

Achieving the benefits of digitalization begins with data: What is it? Where is it? When can I get it and what does it mean? Moving data is a foundation of the Savigent Platform. Whether enterprise or control systems, equipment, machine operators or tools on the shop floor, Savigent seamlessly connects all legacy and new data sources. An advanced communication bus continually processes your data, making sure it gets to the right place, at the right time and in the right format.

Developed with flexibility in mind, Savigent is system- and hardware-agnostic and connects to anything capable of generating data:

  • Production & non-production systems (ERP, PLM, MES, quality, maintenance, analytics, LMS, databases, etc.)
  • Actors (people, tools, sensors, machines)
  • Customers, suppliers, sister plants, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and other third-party systems (order and delivery status, inventory, weather forecasts, pricing, transportation routing, etc.)

A connected ecosystem is key to unlocking the answers to your continuous improvement efforts.

Collecting the uncollected

Connecting all data sources and production devices generates massive volumes of data and makes human pattern-detection nearly impossible. As a result, meaningful information goes untapped. Savigent automatically captures and distills that data and presents it to those who need to respond immediately to whatever is keeping production from the ‘happy path’. The Platform’s stream processing capabilities take data collection to an entirely different level. By combining time series data and complex event data in real time, Savigent can monitor, detect anomalies, trigger alerts and, where possible, automate corrective action.

As-it-occurs visibility

For years, the term ‘real-time visibility’ meant operations personnel would receive information in hours, at the end of the shift or even next week — after the fact — when little could be done to prevent rework or scrap.

With real-time connection to the ecosystem, contextualized data can be captured and processed in seconds or milliseconds; and operators alerted to problems and trends, so they can respond immediately and avoid additional loss. Presenting context-aware data to those closest to production allows operators to make the smart production, quality and safety decisions every time.

Standardize and scale

Yesterday’s technology boasted scalability across factories and organizations. Today, Savigent is proving it with a system-agnostic, intuitive and flexible Platform that supports standard connections and solutions. Manufacturers today are scaling their process- and data-flows, artifacts, stream processing criteria and database queries to hundreds of plants each month on the Savigent Platform.

Breaking down silos

Gartner calls Savigent a “silo jumper… that spans software domains.” Data that is trapped in isolated systems, departments, work centers, plants and extended supply chain siloes limit insights and opportunities for improvement. The Savigent Platform breaks down these barriers by connecting, mobilizing and transforming data; giving rise to a smarter, more empowered workforce.

Most importantly, a connected ecosystem allows the Platform’s other capabilities — workflow, historian, stream processing and artifact library — help you quickly realize the gains of digitalization and Smart Manufacturing.

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