Savigent Platform

Create Smart Manufacturing solutions that deliver immediate results.

Digitize processes, eliminate paper, automate work and create the standards for replication across your global operation.

The Savigent® Platform

  • Based on cloud and edge computing, with scalable on- and off-premise computing to process information and automate operations
  • Quickly and easily connect to any data source, providing seamless integration from the shop floor through corporate enterprise systems
  • Intuitive point-and-click user interface configured by OT, engineers and non-IT personnel, requiring few IT resources to implement and support
  • Works in harmony with existing and new systems and equipment, extending the useful life of legacy assets
  • Capable of scaling and processing massive amounts of data
  • Simple browser-based UI platform built on .NET technology
  • Integrates with your security protocols

"It is a very robust platform that has nearly unlimited future capability."

Technical Director, Supply chain

The Savigent Platform sits powerfully between the factory floor and corporate enterprise systems and uses cloud, edge and IIoT technologies to accelerate speed and accuracy.

Learn more about the Platform designed to digitalize, synchronize and optimize your operation.

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