Symphony Industrial AI Platform

Symphony Industrial AI is an all-in-one platform that orchestrates the manufacturing operations ecosystem by easily connecting to any system, machine or person in the company while automating shop floor, enterprise and end-to-end supply chain processes.


Connect the unconnected across systems, machines, sensors and people.

By connecting all of manufacturing’s disparate parts, manufacturers will have the ability to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness and extend the shelf life of existing systems and assets
  • Significantly reduce cost, risk and integration time associated with large-scale tech replacement and plant upgrade programs
  • Seamlessly integrate with business partners (e.g. new acquisitions, suppliers, ventures, co-packers and customers)


  • Connects disparate legacy systems through an abstraction layer
  • Interchangeable connector strategy providing seamless upgrading and replacement of systems and equipment
  • Utilizes component library with standard connectors
  • Accesses data in real-time for rapid decision making


Orchestrate, automate and optimize processes across the supply chain.

Manufacturers can direct worker actions and automatically interact with machines and other systems to:

  • Optimize operational performance
  • Drive consistency and predictability of processes across plants
  • Improve the impact of digital transformation and Lean initiatives
  • Increase safety and regulatory compliance


  • Orchestrates simple and complex work processes through an intelligent rules-based engine
  • Automates Lean programs and execute process improvements
  • Serves as “process system of record” for the corporation by documenting manufacturing processes and critical knowledge


Monitor and alert in real-time.

The ability to predict, diagnose and automatically respond to production events allows manufacturers to:

  • Reduce scrap and increase quality
  • Increase line capacity, uptime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness of personnel


  • Enables event and stream-based condition monitoring to find, diagnose, escalate and resolve potential problems in real-time, detects and corrects production trends, process drift and anomalies
  • Tracks execution history for historical comparative analysis of performance
  • Automates comparative analysis of process data against a golden batch to track the deviation from desired “happy path”


Gain data intelligence for continuous improvement.

With enhanced visibility into your entire operation, manufacturers can:

  • Improve operating performance, accountability and speed of decision making
  • Increase the effectiveness of enterprise systems with timely and accurate information updates
  • Enhance the traceability of processes and actions for compliance, safety and root cause analysis


  • Captures all runtime metadata about a product, processes and activities
  • Contextualizes and transforms raw data into complex data models and useful information in real time
  • Stores critical information for deeper analysis in the Historian
  • Enables AI and machine learning

The Symphony Industrial AI Platform thinks and acts differently:


Low code development

The Symphony Industrial AI Platform empowers Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) personnel to rapidly and cost-effectively configure, scale and maintain digital manufacturing solutions.

  • Flexible point-and-click, drag-and-drop capabilities for easy design
  • Pre-built library of components and building blocks speed up development and enable reuse across plant sites and new sites as they come online

Smart edge-to-cloud technology

Fully integrating plant and equipment at the edge of the network to cloud computing services, the Symphony Industrial AI Platform aligns with production requirements to capture and synthesize data, manage large data volumes and drive high-speed decision-making while providing information visibility enterprise-wide.

  • Flexible deployment architecture with the ability to run on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Enables real-time integration of all on-site data sources with bi-directional edge-to-cloud connectivity

Artifact library

The artifact library is comprised of prebuilt connectors, solutions, queries and reports that your teams can use for rapid configuration. Start with the artifacts that come standard with the Symphony Industrial AI Platform then add your unique processes, know-how and SOPs into your secure, private library that enables the replication of ‘best practice’ across your plants, enterprise and supply chain.

  • Reduce customization to ERP and other systems
  • Establish and enforce global standards

Symphony Industrial AI customers experience:

“We get a lot more information and data out of our processes and how we actually do operate to help drive Lean activities and big data analytics.”

— Digital Shop Floor Manager

“The glue that brings our disparate IOT, MES, and Factory of the Future initiatives together into a cohesive ecosystem. Plays nice with other systems.”

— Manufacturing Product Group Leader

Featured case study

Standardize and transform global manufacturing operations

The challenge
Small locations in this commodity business required a cost effective solution that could be deployed rapidly, but efforts to replace legacy ERP systems led to delays and cost overruns as the development and/or use of a traditional packaged solution across all the sites was found to be cost and time prohibitive. A different way of thinking and approaching the problem and solution was required.

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