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Symphony Industrial AI Platform Version 8.3 Brings Time-Saving Tools to Manufacturing

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., August 3, 2020 — Symphony Industrial AI®, a leader in simplifying the digital transformation of manufacturing and the supply chain, today released Symphony Industrial AI Platform 8.3 with new features that empower manufacturers to accelerate their journey to excellence.

Key features in our latest version include model and engine comparison tools which allow process engineers and other users to improve efficiencies and understand continuous improvements made over time.

Models, the blueprints of the manufacturing process, define each task of execution and the data to be collected. Engines connect equipment, systems, devices and people throughout the plant.

“The ability to compare different versions of these critical components and immediately see the differences are innovations aimed to save countless hours engineers spend researching process changes within the same team or across plants,” said Symphony Industrial AI CEO Dean Truitt. “Continuous improvement depends on continuous change, and by instantly comparing changes made to models, engines and workflow iterations, engineers will drive improvement even faster.

Additionally, the tools allow multiple teams to review their own, and peer review each other’s work as they automate execution, comply with new regulations or scale standard solutions while adapting to local needs.

An extension of the Workflow Comparison tool, Symphony Industrial AI 8.3 also features Workflow Merge, allowing engineers to merge preferred components from one workflow into another. Whether comparing iterations or developing new processes, this advanced integration tool enables federated development and allows several teams to work on the same assets simultaneously. The result– better work product in less time.

In addition, Symphony Industrial AI 8.3 allows you to quickly and efficiently set Symphony Industrial AI up in an Azure cloud environment, decreasing dependency on on-premises servers to run manufacturing operation software. 

About Symphony Industrial AI®

Symphony Industrial AI transforms the world of manufacturing​ by enabling global manufacturers to excel in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable global marketplace. Its next-generation manufacturing operation solution is an IIoT and Work Orchestration platform that simplifies complex manufacturing by thinking and acting differently. Symphony Industrial AI empowers companies to accelerate their digital journey to excellence, drive operational change, rapidly scale capabilities and achieve sustainable improvement across the enterprise.​ To learn more, visit

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