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Symphony Industrial AI Platform Version 8.2 Targets Manufacturing’s Preventable Disruptions

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., Feb. 10, 2020 — Symphony Industrial AI®, a leader in simplifying the digital transformation of manufacturing and the supply chain, announced the release of Symphony Industrial AI Platform 8.2 with new stream processing features that provide dramatic new insights to production health. The gains: less scrap, improved product quality, reduced unplanned downtime and improved productivity by automatically tracking and alerting operators to process anomalies, drift and production issues in near real-time.

Statistical Process Control charts built into the Platform’s stream processor automatically displays the status of production runs, detects emerging problems, alerts operators to out-of-control conditions and generates standard SPC charts. “Release 8.2 provides critical information to immediately alert operations personnel to take action before errors occur, equipment fails, waste is produced or delivery dates are missed,” said Dean Truitt, Symphony Industrial AI CEO.

The Platform’s Oscillation Variance Processor detects and responds to trends that could constrain or interrupt production. This out-of-the-box processor meticulously monitors system and equipment variations and identifies the patterns that, although may be within specification now, are drifting toward future trouble. When variation patterns are identified, Symphony Industrial AI alerts users and corrective action is prescribed and/or automatically initiated.

“Too often, operations personnel do not see problems until failure occurs and are forced into reactive mode,” he said. “Oscillation variance provides early visibility so they can proactively respond and head off interruption and loss,” said Mr. Truitt. “With that knowledge, operators see what is coming, have more control and can make informed decisions.”

About Symphony Industrial AI®
Symphony Industrial AI developed the first intelligent, highly-scalable process and data management platform specifically designed for manufacturers and the supply chain. The Symphony Industrial AI Platform accelerates digital transformation by simplifying how systems, equipment and people interact. Every day, the Symphony Industrial AI Platform operates globally across hundreds of locations connecting more than 10,000 asset types and manages 11 billion data points. To learn more, visit

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