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Symphony Industrial AI Platform version 8.0 expands cloud performance

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., October 8, 2019 — Symphony Industrial AI®, a leader in simplifying the digital transformation of manufacturing and the supply chain, announced the release of Symphony Industrial AI Platform 8.0 with new features that accelerate the journey to Industry 4.0. The Platform’s latest version offers more intuitive automation, secures artifacts and intellectual property, and promotes asset reuse while maintaining governance and control.
“This release of Symphony Industrial AI Platform is one more step in helping manufacturers quickly realize the value of Smart Manufacturing solutions,” said Dean Truitt, Symphony Industrial AI CEO. “These capabilities will enhance the productivity, yield and collaboration improvements our customers measure every shift.”

Capabilities featured in Symphony Industrial AI Platform 8.0
Extended cloud features: Symphony Industrial AI and customer solutions, within the factory or in the cloud, maximize computation and storage capabilities to rapidly deliver data where and when it is most needed. Via a new flexible deployment approach that removes typical barriers, Symphony Industrial AI Platform operates on the edge, close to production, and leverages the cloud to interconnect disparate systems across an enterprise – providing true interoperability. Symphony Industrial AI libraries house standard, repeatable and editable assets including connectors, SOPs, workflows and documentation that define and orchestrate production. Library artifacts are more easily scaled across the enterprise and supply chain using a new cloud artifact capability to increase collaboration, ensure compliance and save measurable time and development costs. A public library is also available to access and share pre-built artifacts and community-developed assets.

Workflow evaluation: To simplify and dramatically speed the task of investigating, validating or localizing process changes, the Platform graphically identifies differences between versions of the same workflow. This Management by Exception capability is the first workflow comparison tool that allows process engineers and other users to quickly and accurately capture process additions, deletions and updates.

Security: New security capabilities provide deeper permissions management to address separation of duties, better support offshore resources and allow access to only those who need it. Additionally, new data classification features allow customers to define who can view individual data elements passing through the system, as some roles need to see the process while others require the data. Automating more focused permissions protects valuable intellectual property within the plant, across the enterprise and throughout a digital supply chain.

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About Symphony Industrial AI®
Symphony Industrial AI developed the first intelligent, highly-scalable process and data management platform specifically designed for manufacturers and the supply chain. The Symphony Industrial AI Platform accelerates digital transformation by simplifying how systems, equipment and people interact. Every day, the Symphony Industrial AI Platform operates globally across hundreds of locations connecting more than 10,000 asset types and managing 11 billion data points.

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