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Savigent Customer Seagate Wins International Smart Manufacturing Award

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., February 5, 2020 — Savigent congratulates long-time customer Seagate Technology for receiving the Smart Factory Manufacturer of the Year award at the Irish Manufacturing Research 2020 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards, held in Dublin on January 29. The award recognizes manufacturers that demonstrate the best use of data and AI to maximize competitive advantage within the manufacturing facility.

Seagate, a global provider of electronic data storage technology and solutions, uses the Savigent Platform to enable Smart Manufacturing at its state-of-the-art wafer manufacturing plants in Derry, Northern Ireland and Bloomington, Minnesota. The Platform provides connectivity of Seagate’s factory systems, equipment and people in both facilities, and captures data in near-real time to store on premises and in the cloud.

Savigent’s relationship with Seagate spans more than 10 years. Steve Barnett, a company founder and Vice President of Customer Success, said the Savigent team is quite proud of this “richly-deserved” recognition. “The Seagate Wafer Systems teams are an amazing group of process, equipment and data engineers, data scientists and software developers who are continually pushing the boundaries of what digitization can achieve in manufacturing,” he said. “It really is exciting to see what they’ve achieved.”

In late October 2019, Savigent co-sponsored an Artificial Intelligence Benchmarking Experience hosted by Seagate. Its Director of Wafer Systems, Sthitie Bom, told the group of early adopters from Fortune 500 manufacturers that “legacy and home-grown systems are the realities of our environments and new algorithms must learn how to play well in this vast, well-established ecosystem. This is why systems-thinking is so critical to success.”

A complete list of award winners is available online at

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