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Old dog. New trick.

After serving as Director of Marketing for a leader in manufacturing execution software in the mid-2000s, I assumed when I accepted the same role at Savigent in early 2019, manufacturing technology would have evolved in lock-step with the flip-phone.

To my astonishment, manufacturers today are tackling many of the same productivity, quality and compliance issues they faced in 2005. The messages we crafted back then claimed our MES and emergent process management systems provided end-to-end process orchestration and automated procedural control; that robust data collection allowed real-time visibility and decision-making; and that system-agnostic connectivity seamlessly delivered the right data to the right person.

I have the brochures to prove it.

I got to Savigent and came to realize that MES, ERP and other enterprise and shop floor systems simply haven’t fulfilled their promises to optimize process execution. In contrast, Savigent customers are deploying the Platform in plants around the world and measuring operation successes in tens-of-millions of dollars!

Savigent isn’t like any manufacturing technology I’ve seen. The Platform has grown right along with big data, IIoT … and the smart phone. So, if you call to get more information, my advice … get ready to think differently.

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