Manufacturing Remastered

A new tune for manufacturing technology.

Vinyl records … cassettes and 8-track tapes … for decades, music was analog. We simply got used to the static, crackles, skips and other random flaws. Then digital came along and changed everything. Digitally remastered music is near-perfect: clearer, precise, flawless.

The same is true when digital is applied to manufacturing. Digital transformation in every form — Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things — reduces errors, increases productivity and improves quality.

The gains of Smart Manufacturing are achieved through better technology.

A digital factory will:

  • Harness and control rapid and widespread information flows
  • Orchestrate automated and directed work
  • Seamlessly connect all data sources including enterprise and control systems
  • Automatically consume and store volumes of data while detecting positive and negative patterns
  • Provide humans and systems with real time visibility of end-to-end production

The gains of a digital factory are impressive. In a 2019 white paper by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey, manufacturers reported the following improvements; which mirror metrics reported by Savigent® customers:

  • Factory output increase: 10–200%
  • Inventory reduction: 10–90%
  • Product cost reduction: 5–40%
  • Energy efficiency: 2–50%
  • Time to market reduction: 30–90%
  • Changeover shortening: 30–70%

What is Manufacturing Remastered?

Digitally remastered music transformed an entire industry. With technology that thinks and acts differently, the Savigent Platform is doing the same in manufacturing. This is technology manufacturers have been waiting for.

By connecting your existing operational and enterprise assets through the Savigent Platform, your systems, equipment and people perform more quickly, more collaboratively and with greater accuracy.

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Wherever you are on your journey to digitalization — just beginning to envision your ‘future state’ or already on the path to a smart factory — contact us to learn what “out of the box” thinking can do for your operation.

The simple, flexible, powerful and affordable Savigent Platform: Manufacturing Remastered.