Food and Agribusiness

The digital transformation of food and agribusiness promises long-term benefits through real-time monitoring, traceability, and dynamic process optimization across the entire food manufacturing value chain. Food manufacturers are confronted with challenges such as food safety, better managing supply chains, and being able to respond flexibly to changing consumer demands. Symphony Industrial AI helps companies in food and agribusiness tackle these challenges and fully integrate the multi-tiered ecosystem of modern food processing.

Food Processing Transformed

  • Increase productivity & reduce cost – Quickly adapt to market changes and customer demand — faster rollout means lower costs, higher quality, faster delivery, and reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Adapt to market and supply chain volatility – Enabling food manufacturers to excel in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable global marketplace.
  • Regulatory compliance – Complete track and trace, ensuring food quality and safety, farm to fork.
  • ROI – Maximize production from existing equipment, and control labor, material and costs at every step of the process.

What Makes Symphony Industrial AI Different?

It Can’t Be Smart If It’s Not Connected – provides real time connectivity to all systems, equipment and people, including the supply chain. Symphony Industrial AI encapsulates all disparate data producers, filling the white space of execution across the ecosystem. And, Symphony Industrial AI delivers a library of a reusable connection, component and services framework.
Write Once and Repeat – Symphony Industrial AI rules engine automates work and accelerates improvement in real-time. Symphony Industrial AI orchestration automates routine tasks, directs work, institutionalizes knowledge, serves as process system of record and synchronizing capabilities across global factories, to drive consistency and predictability.
Digitizing your supply chain – make your organization faster, more flexible, more granular, more accurate, and more efficient. Symphony Industrial AI enables companies to address the challenges on the supply side as well as the remaining expectations in efficiency improvement.
Get more from your assets – The food industry is extremely competitive with low product margins. In order to help increase profitability, Symphony Industrial AI delivers quick visibility and access to information for monitoring and analyzing equipment efficiency and asset utilization performance.
Food and Agribusiness Expertise – Symphony Industrial AI’s experience enables food manufacturers to rapidly develop and scale Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing solutions. Supported by Symphony Industrial AI advisory, training and implementation services to help customers develop internal OT and IT capabilities and become self-reliant in implementing and scaling cost effective next-generation manufacturing operations solutions.

Nearly 70% of manufacturers say that digital manufacturing is a top priority, yet only 30% of companies are capturing value at scale today

McKinsey Digital Manufacturing Global Expert Survey

Case Study

Standardize and transform global manufacturing operations

The challenge
Small locations in this commodity business required a cost effective solution that could be deployed rapidly, but efforts to replace legacy ERP systems led to delays and cost overruns as the development and/or use of a traditional packaged solution across all the sites was found to be cost and time prohibitive. A different way of thinking and approaching the problem and solution was required.

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