PMO Resource Manager

Job Summary

The PMO Resource Manager (PMO RM) is highly visible and relied upon to effectively manage team-member’s skill and abilities against forecasted and ongoing project plans. Provides daily and weekly review of project scopes against actuals, ensuring that budgets and timelines are being met. Effectively partners with managers and team-members to provide corrective action as needed. Accurately reports out to the Finance team and others regarding resource management. Raises awareness as soon as issues become known.

Essential Functions

  • Understand depth and skill ability of individual team members to accurately align internal resources to training plans where necessary
  • Partner with Managers and communicate resource issues for corrective action plans
  • Track updates to the Sales Pipeline (new, changes, timelines. Manage the project view, services forecast, backlog financials, and project stages)
  • Capture the weekly actuals and accurately apply totals to the right projects
  • Re-forecast resources due to project plan changes
  • Ensure forecasted hours do not exceed agreed upon project scope
  • Accurately manage forecasted services hours which are known to be funded against those in the pipeline
  • Ensure resources are fully planned for in each forecast and that they are accurately tracked. Objective is to achieve optimal billable hours.
  • Capture all maintenance hours in the forecast to ensure solid understanding of effort spent
  • Partner with Savigent’s Customer Success team to understand resourcing and role needs for each project plan
  • Financial services reporting (actuals vs. forecasted hours)
  • Weekly reporting on actual to budget for services by project
  • Daily resource management to allocate time for unplanned requests
  • Brings roadblocks and/or issues to the attention of the management team (as well as those who need to know). Proactively addresses issues/finds solutions without being asked while remaining within the scope of assigned work and project plans.


  • Monthly capture of hours from Dovico and identifying billable hours
  • Reconcile the project billable hours to SOW and PO’s
  • Provide billable hours by PO and SOW to Finance for invoicing
  • Working on methods to automate portions of the process.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in business or relevant field of study
  • 5+ years of Resource Management experience (software technology company preferred)
  • Attention to detail with efficient organizational skills,
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and shift priorities as needed
  • Ability to communicate effectively cross functionally
  • Proactive approach to business
  • Ability to effectively multi-task – work on a variety of projects with varying end-dates and deliverables
  • Team-player
  • Experience using Dovico or similar resource management tool

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