About Symphony Industrial AI

Long before Industry 4.0 and IIoT, Symphony Industrial AI® was innovating capabilities that today drive this one-of-a-kind technology.

The recent advancements in cloud technologies, storage capabilities, processor speed combined with the decrease in sensor costs, have created a perfect storm for customers to maximize Symphony Industrial AI’s powerful platform.

Innovation and industry leadership are the launch pad for continuous improvement and the journey toward lights-out manufacturing. We are proud to work with professional associations dedicated to driving standards, improving business results and communicating best practices to global manufacturing.

There are reasons Gartner and other industry leaders recognize Symphony Industrial AI as best of breed as a disruptive, market-leading technology solutions provider. To explore the impact Symphony Industrial AI could have on your operation, contact us today!

Gartner report

Innovation Insight for Smart Factory

“It’s not just hype. Smart factories are delivering value today. The benefits and value creation will happen across a wide spectrum, leveraging a vast array of technology combinations and use cases that will differ by industry, kind of supply chain supported and manufacturing style.” Read Gartner’s report to find out more.        

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