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The Symphony Industrial AI Platform

Through the orchestration of your operations and synchronization of your supply chain, you can modernize your factories and experience the transformative power of manufacturing remastered.

What’s next in digital manufacturing?

Manufacturing is moving quickly toward a new digital standard, and companies are aggressively pursuing digital manufacturing and supply chain programs to drive improvements in cost, quality, flexibility, yield and labor productivity. But with all of the components that make up digital manufacturing, how do manufacturers ensure they are effectively connecting all the pieces?

Next Generation Manufacturing

Symphony Industrial AI is at the forefront of Smart Manufacturing trends that span categories, driving competitive advantage through digital transformation, delivering higher agility and next generation performance to achieve faster ROI.

Data Intelligence

“I believe in creating a culture where systems drive operational excellence. The collaboration with Symphony Industrial AI Digital Manufacturing has helped us capture data critical to the development of cutting edge solutions that know how to harness data for value.”

– Sthitie Bom, Senior Director, Factory Controls, Anaytics, and Reporting at Seagate

Gartner Report

Innovation Insight for Smart Factory

“It’s not just hype. Smart factories are delivering value today. The benefits and value creation will happen across a wide spectrum, leveraging a vast array of technology combinations and use cases that will differ by industry, kind of supply chain supported and manufacturing style.”

Results Delivered

Symphony Industrial AI is a single platform that orchestrates the manufacturing operations ecosystem by easily connecting to any system, machine or person in the company. By automating shop floor and end-to-end supply chain processes, Symphony Industrial AI enables engineers, data scientists and software developers to continuously push the boundaries of what digitation can achieve in manufacturing.

Up to 50% improvement in service, lead time and inventory responsiveness

Find out how Symphony Industrial AI can accelerate your journey to Smart Manufacturing. Get ready to think differently, then contact us to learn more.

Digital Intelligence – Seagate Success Story

Standardize and transform global manufacturing operations

Optimizing brownfield plant with Smart Manufacturing

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