The Savigent® Platform

Accelerating your journey to Smart Manufacturing and a digital supply chain with technology that thinks and acts differently.

Industry 4.0, big data, Industrial Internet of Things — digital transformation delivers the advantages manufacturers require to excel in tomorrow’s factories.

If your continuous improvement goals can be met through …

  • seamless connectivity of your enterprise and control systems
  • procedural control through automated and orchestrated work
  • proactive problem solving
  • empowering operations and those closest to execution
  • fast, cost effective solutions to your most critical problems

… then meet Savigent, the first intelligent operations management platform specifically designed for manufacturers.

With capabilities never before assembled on a single platform,

Savigent manages the routineeliminating manual data collection
and the complextransforming variable data in milliseconds to alert engineers and feed analytics and AI systems.

The platform is smarterembedded intelligence generating context-aware data in real time
and simplerprocess and data flows are configured, not programmed.

Built to be flexibleadapting to your operation
and scalablereplicate new solutions and work standards across all your locations.

Savigent proves to customers of all sizes, including the Fortune 500, that the gains of Smart Manufacturing are quickly, cost effectively and reliably within reach.

Our customers

Savigent Platform

This is the manufacturing technology you’ve waited for; a symphony of capabilities to solve today’s challenges and achieve your future goals. Savigent is Manufacturing Remastered.

New technology conquers old problems.

The Savigent Platform:

  • improves productivity & yield
  • reduces waste
  • orchestrates automated & directed-work
  • standardizes processes & drives repeatability
  • scales connectivity & processes to global, disparate plants
  • applies predictive maintenance & fault detection
  • improves data velocity & intelligence
  • drives greater value from existing people, equipment & systems

Gartner report

Innovation Insight for Engineering Technology: Why ET, IT and OT Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts

The connections between OT, IT and ET are vital in guiding the journey to Industry 4.0.

Find out how Savigent can accelerate your journey to Smart Manufacturing. Get ready to think differently, then contact us to learn more.