Savigent Platform™


This execution capability can integrate and manage interactions between equipment, systems and people, the sources of events and data generation. It can also implement control, state, data and other models that contextualize information in real-time. Contextualized information is shared concurrently via services throughout the manufacturing environment. Systems based on Savigent Platform™ are rich in loosely coupled, peer-to-peer interactions, creating a highly responsive and intelligent manufacturing operation. The Artifact Server allows system administrators to download and deploy ready-to-run applications that are maintained centrally.

Accelerate Development Time
Savigent Development Studio™ provides a visually intuitive environment for the assembly of composite applications from highly configurable, prebuilt agents. Agents are autonomous, compiled units of software functionality that communicate on a peer-to-peer basis with each other. Assembled together they provide composite application functionality. Composite application development using autonomous agents dramatically decreases development time, provides significant opportunity for functionality reuse, and yields more robust and flexible software. Read more »

Open Connectivity

Savigent Platform™ provides Open Connectivity, enabling communication with a wide variety of systems, databases, messaging protocols, equipment and devices including (but not limited to): OPC, Serial, TCP/UDP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IM, SECS/GEM, application APIs, flat files, Oracle, SQL, OleDb, Tibco, MSMQ, MQ, JMS, WCF, SOAP/WS, XML/RPC, DDS, SAP MII, MS Azure and B2MML.

Open Architecture
Savigent is committed to maintaining an Open Architecture, providing our customers and partners with the ability to extend the functionality of the Savigent suite of products while protecting their intellectual property. Savigent Platform™ provides wizards and templates for Microsoft Visual Studio that allows users to easily develop their own agents using standard .NET tools and languages. Read less »

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Revision Controlled Change Management

Savigent Platform™ provides a central database repository for the revision controlled management of composite applications and their deployment configurations, independently. This ensures secure and traceable deployment to the manufacturing environment, and enables revisioning and roll-back of composite application functionality.

Highly Scalable Savigent Bus™

Savigent Bus™ provides standardized service patterns that allow implementation of complex interactions in an easy-to-use form. Savigent Bus™ also provides service management, handling timeouts, retries and connection maintenance. This makes implementation of service oriented communications simple and robust.

Fully Managed Infrastructure

Deployment of composite applications to Savigent Nodes™ in the manufacturing environment is fully managed by Savigent Platform™. Multiple revisions of the same composite application, each uniquely configured, may be executed independently. Savigent Platform™ manages updates to composite applications individually (scheduled, immediate or never). Composite application change history and visibility into all Savigent Nodes™ and composite applications executing within the environment are provided through Savigent System Management™.

Real-Time Information Access via OData

Data within Savigent Bus™ is available via OData services, providing real-time access to information for manufacturing operations. Through OData services, domain experts and IT professionals can access information quickly and easily using a wide variety of applications tailored to meet their needs (from Microsoft Excel to leading edge ERP and Business Intelligence applications).