About Savigent Software

Founded in 1994, Savigent Software has pioneered a new class of event-driven manufacturing operations management software. We deliver highly efficient manufacturing systems and provide our customers with flexible software solutions for their workflow automation, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration needs.

Our clients – manufacturers in a variety of industries including the automotive, semiconductor, industrial, specialty chemical, consumer packaged goods, and aerospace and defense sectors, as well as OEMs – are seeking increased operational efficiencies, agile control of manufacturing assets, and improved process control and product quality.

We address these needs by consistently delivering software and services that enable them to produce their products more efficiently, effectively and economically.

Savigent Software’s suite of products has been proven in demanding manufacturing environments at Fortune 500 manufacturers. Featuring open connectivity, the Savigent software suite – which includes Savigent Workflow™, Savigent Historian™ and Savigent Platform™ – provides customers with a comprehensive manufacturing operations management platform.

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Savigent Software Addresses:

  • Workflow automation (critical event detection and response)
  • Manufacturing intelligence (real-time data collection, contextualization and analysis)
  • Systems integration

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Our Focus:

  • We sell composite applications that have been designed to function together or alone to meet the needs of our customers;
  • All our software is built on a common, distributable event-driven platform unified by a common service architecture;
  • We provide open connectivity to systems and hardware and pride ourselves in our communications and connectivity capabilities;
  • Our products provide the ability to easily add and adapt functionality because software should be flexible to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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