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Does your plant or factory need a proven, comprehensive software solution for manufacturing automation? Savigent Software can help you significantly transform your operations with flexible software solutions for your workflow automation, fault detection, manufacturing intelligence and systems integration needs.

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  • 1Connect your systems, people and data
  • 2Analyze in real-time to make data actionable
  • 3Optimize your operations and maximize ROI

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  • Insufficient Data Collection and Reporting
  • Scrap and Waste
  • Misused Resources
  • Better Decisions, Faster
  • Higher Product Quality
  • Increased Profit Margins
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“Savigent was a really good fit because it allowed us to build out what we needed rather than try to adapt our needs to existing software. Our business is growing, and we need to squeeze every ounce of capability that we can out of this facility. We need to become as efficient as possible with the equipment we have. I think the willingness to work with us and to get this system in and do what it takes is important, and Savigent has done that.”-Chuck Redpath, Director of IT at Hallstar

“Our process engineering team is starting to see behaviors in the line they couldn’t see before, due to the granularity of data provided. Now we can dig for root cause analysis. We can be more surgical and more responsive. Savigent's software allows us to focus on areas of highest impact, which helps keep our variable production costs in control." – Rusty Callier, Director of Operations, Uponor

“Identifying equipment issues in real-time is a significant improvement, but creating a workflow system that is capable of connecting with virtually all manufacturing control applications is what makes this a transformational innovation for us. Savigent has given us the ability to more effectively drive factory operations, resulting in faster production cycles, decreased material waste and decreased energy use.” - Win Giles, Plant Manager, Recording Head Operations at Seagate’s Bloomington, Minn. facility.


Our Software : The Savigent Suite

Savigent Platform™

Connect systems, people and data to provide a unified platform

  • Easily integrate systems in an intuitive visual environment
  • Reduce system complexity and increase flexibility

Savigent Historian™

Collect, store and analyze data to increase efficiency

  • Quickly and easily develop data collection solutions
  • Store terabytes of information online without bogging down systems, translating to faster query times

Savigent Streamline™

Detect and respond to systems inefficiencies to decrease downtime

  • Keep production moving with automated responses to equipment downtime and faults
  • Analyze data in real-time to predict future events

Savigent Workflow™

Automate workflow to optimize productivity

  • Increase operational efficiencies, by reducing errors, improving accuracy and decreasing materials waste
  • Realize increased ROI with faster throughput and shorter production lead times

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Whether you're looking for a point-solution, plant-level or enterprise-level solution, we can help you achieve your goals and improve overall business performance. Learn how Savigent Software enables companies to optimize their operations by connecting systems, collecting and analyzing actionable data, automating workflow and streamlining continuous improvement.

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